Semalt: All-In Scraper And Other Data Extractors – Get Any Information You Need Without Coding

Web scraping tools can handle from simple to moderate data extraction requirements. Since the World Wide Web began growing in terms of quality and data size, the businessmen and data enthusiasts have been searching for best tools to extract data from the net. Today, various DIY web scraping software are suggested for enterprises, and some are suitable for programmers and developers. If you lack programming skills or technical knowledge and want to acquire information without coding, then you must opt for All-In Scraper.

An overview of All-In Scraper:

Unlike Octoparse, Spinn3r, ParseHub,, and, All-In Scraper is a relatively new web or data scraping tool. If you want data from both simple and dynamic websites for a quick research project, All-In Scraper is the right option for you.

Have you ever bought a WSO or the SEO software that you cannot stop thinking about? All-In Scraper is that piece of software that comes with loads of features and options. One of its most distinctive features is Proxy Handling feature that is worth the price. You can activate this feature and choose how many times a proxy can be used for your search queries. All-In Scraper proxy checker works flawlessly and can use the captcha-enabled proxy services. Another distinctive feature of this tool is the 'Real Competition' metric that prevents you from coding anything. Once you activate this option, you don't need to insert sophisticated codes, and your data will be scraped automatically.

Try some other tools too:

Before you opt for All-In Scraper, we suggest you try some famous tools like Spinn3r, Octoparse, and

Spinn3r vs. All-In Scraper:

Spinn3r is a great choice for scraping an entire or partial website, news outlets, social media sites and RSS feeds. It uses a comprehensive firehose API that manages more than 85% of the indexing and web crawling works. No doubt, this tool gives you lots of options and saves extracted data in a readable and scalable format. Still, All-In Scraper is far better than Spinn3r because it continuously scans the internet and obtains useful data for you. Both of these tools have an admin console packed with features that allow us to perform searches on the raw information.

Octoparse vs. All-In Scraper:

On the other hand, Octoparse is the visual web scraping service that is best known for its point-and-click user interface. It allows you to navigate and extract tables, charts, and lists. And All-In Scraper mimics the human user while visiting and extracting data from the target sites. Both of these tools are capable of running extraction on the cloud and your own local machine. You can easily use them to export the scraped content to CSV, Excel, HTML and TXT formats. vs. All-In Scraper: is one of the most famous web scraping applications on the internet. Unlike All-In Scraper, it is a browser-based tool that doesn't require any download. It can help you set up the web crawlers and fetches data in real-time. However, All-In Scraper lets you save the scraped content in Google Drive and, or exports it CSV or JSON files. Both of these tools support web scraping tasks using their distinctive proxy servers.